In accordance with the Cawaja Propertyowners Association (CPOA) Bylaws, the membership has established rules and regulations governing the use of the beach property.  The objective of the CPOA Beach Use Rules is to provide a framework for the safe enjoyment of the beach for all members and their guests.  Below are the highlights of the Beach Use Regulations as well as a pdf version which you can print and have available in your cottage for your guests.

Please note that the CPOA is a two-thirds co-owner of the beach property from the Concession 11W road allowance to The Point. The Township of Tiny is the other one-third co-owner. The Beach past the point is wholly owned by the CPOA.

Beach Use Regulations:


  • Enjoy the beach and keep it clean
  • Watch your children to ensure they are safe at all times
  • Play safe respect other members and their guests
  • Respect these rules and the bylaws of the Township

Please do not:

  • Bring pets (including dogs) on the beach from 10am to 6pm during the period, June 15 to September 15
  • Build fires or cook food on the beach
  • Drive any motorized vehicle on the beach except as approved by the CPOA (see ‘Beach Access’ below)
  • Erect a tent/shelter/canopy larger than 30 square feet (i.e. 6’x5’) or leave the tent/shelter/canopy set up overnight
  • Leave unattended or unsecured recreational sports equipment without approval of the CPOA
  • Leave any objects overnight that impede the use of the beach such as surfboards, umbrellas and chairs etc.
  • Camp on the beach
  • Use alcohol or illicit drugs on the beach
  • Use profane language or cause a disturbance
  • Feed the birds, nor leave any food uncovered where the birds may eat it
  • Play a radio, music player, or other electronic equipment that will disturb another person beyond a radius of 3 meters
  • Physically change the beach (sand castles are ok), plant trees/shrubs or post advertisements/notices etc to any trees or structure

The Tiny Township bylaws also stipulate rules about fireworks: Fireworks are limited to Victoria Day, Canada Day and five days immediately preceding or following each of these days, from dusk to 11pm.  They are also permitted on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day.  Click here for the full details on bylaw 07-054.

Members who wish to hold an event on the beach as well as access the beach using machinery for maintenance purposes must obtain the permission of the Association by completing the CPOA Beach Access form.

In some cases, the permission of the Township may also be required.

CPOA Beach Rules

CPOA Beach Access Form