An agreement signed in 2015, provides a framework for the use of co-owned  lands which include a section of the Beach, recognizing that the Cawaja PropertyOwners Association (CPOA) is a two-thirds owner and that Tiny Township is a one-thirds owner.

The CPOA and Tiny Township are working effectively together towards our common goal of maintaining and preserving our beautiful beach environment.

Since 2015, municipal by-law officers have been enforcing the rules outlined in the agreement. Both parties recognize that there are ongoing challenges that need to be addressed in order to maintain the community standards we have come to expect.  For example, this year the signage on the rights of way leading to the beach will be improved in order to remind residents and visitors of the by-laws on record.

Under the agreement, the CPOA maintains the beach.

NOTE-The beach past the “Point” is wholly owned by the CPOA.

This map shows beach access in the CPOA area (both wholly owned and co-owned).  Green: 100% CPOA path; Blue: co-owned; Red: 100% Township of Tiny


Co-Ownership Agreement

By-Law 19-040

FINES Cawaja Beach (rev_Jan 2016)